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Email hidden; Javascript is required.Anwesha GhoshFe-Abstract-1.docxA Fe(III) complex of aminoguanidine Schiff Base as a sensor for detecting octamolar concentrations of S2−
Email hidden; Javascript is required.ANTU MONDALAbstract_mtic_Antu.docxSelective turn on fluorescence sensing of cyanide using pyridoxal platform of a Ni(II) complex
Email hidden; Javascript is required.K C Kumara SwamyKCKMTIC2022-abstract.docxUnsaturated Systems Bearing Phosphonate and Sulfonate Scaffolds: Structure and Reactivity
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Ekambaram BalaramanEkambaram-Balaraman_MTIC-Abstract-2022.docRu-catalyzed valorization of methanol for applications in expedient hydrogenation/deuteration reactions: CO2-based circular chemistry
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Priyanka MannaAbstract_Priyanka_MTIC.docxA New Porous Cd based MOF and its Multifunctional Properties
Email hidden; Javascript is required.SOURAV SARKARStabilization-of-CO2-as-Zwitterionic-Carbamate-poster.docxStabilization of CO2 as Zwitterionic Carbamate within a Coordination Polymer (CP): Synthesis, Structure and Anions Sensing Behaviour of Tb-CP composite
Email hidden; Javascript is required.DEEP CHOWDHURYAbstract_Deep.docxCobalt-Catalyzed Tandem Deamination and Dehomologation of Primary Amines to Carboxylic Acids in Water
Email hidden; Javascript is required.BANSHI ROYSolution-Stability-and-Cytotoxicity-of-Ru-Complexes-of-Catecholamine-Derivatives.docxSolution Stability and Cytotoxicity of Ru Complexes of Catecholamine Derivatives: Selectivity towards Pancreatic Cancer
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Amitava Das
Email hidden; Javascript is required.SUPRIYA SAHOOMTIC-abstract-supriya.docxAn Enantiomeric Pair of Ferroelectric Organic Salts Supported by Tetrafluoroborate anions: Energy Harvesting Applications on 3D-printed Polymer Composite Devices
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Himan SinghHDS-MTIC-abstract.docxDeciphering the Weak CO2···Framework Interactions in Microporous MOFs Functionalized with Strong Adsorption Sites—A Ubiquitous Observation
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Susanta Hazra
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Shidheshwar AnkadeMTIC2022-abstract_Shidheshwar-Ankade.docxIron-Catalyzed Synthesis of 3-Substituted 3-Amino Oxindole: An Efficient Route to the Construction of Quaternary Stereocenter
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Arnab ChakrabortyMTIC-Abstract-Arnab.docxTunable and improved antiproliferative activity of Pt(II)–based organometallics bearing alkynyls and 1,2,3-triazole moieties
Email hidden; Javascript is required.SOHINI BHATTACHARYAAbstruct_Sohini.docAnion and Temperature Responsive Molecular Switches Based on Trimetallic Complexes of Ru(II) and Os(II) That Demonstrate Advanced Boolean and Fuzzy Logic Functions
Email hidden; Javascript is required.manaswini rayMTIC-abstract4.docxA prismatic nano cage used for aromatic guest encapsulation
Email hidden; Javascript is required.ANIK SAHOOAbstract_MTIC_2022.docMachine Learning Assisted Neuro- Fuzzification Modeling in Imidazole-Dicarboxylate-Based Ru(II)-Bipyridine Complex
Email hidden; Javascript is required.RAHUL SHARMAMTIC-abstract-template5.docxManganese Catalyzed Switchable C- Alkylation/Alkenylation of Fluorenes and Indene with Alcohols
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Eluvathingal JemmisJemmis-MTIC-BHU-2022.docxA Structural Chemistry for Boranes and 3D- and 2D-Boron starting from C3H3+
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Noushija KunhumonMTIC-XIX-abstract-edited.docxAmino-1,8-naphthalimide-based small molecular fluorescent chemosensors for selective detection of Cu(II) ion and Heparin in an aqueous medium
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Binduja MohanMTIC-XIX-abstract-1.docxTröger’s base Supramolecular Scaffolds and Functional Organic Polymer for Fluorescence Sensing and Removal of Antibiotics
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Priyanka DasPriyanka_MTIC_Abstract-1.docxTaming of 4-Azido-3,5-dinitropyrazole Based Green Energetic Materials
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Rajkumar BirajdarMTIC-abstract-template1.docxPalladium-catalyzed synthesis of hyperbranched ethylene oligomer and post functionalization
Email hidden; Javascript is required.RACHNA SHARMAabstract_rachna_iiserb.docx“Hot-wiring” redox enzymes to kick-start a bi-enzymatic system
Email hidden; Javascript is required.Krishna PandeyMTIC-abstract-04-08-2022.docxThermally Stable Energetic Materials using Metal Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
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