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Participant's PhotoNameOrganisationTitle of Talk
Participant's PhotoMr. AMIRUL ISLAMIIT TIRUPATIDetoxification of arsenic species by smart synthetic molecules
Participant's PhotoMr. Rijwan . .Aligarh Muslim UniversityDesign, synthesis, and structural elucidation of Cu(II) complex; In vitro DNA binding, DNA cleavage and anticancer activity
Participant's PhotoDr. Mohammad Fawad AnsariAligarh Muslim UniversityDe novo design of metal-based Phenylalanine-Quercetin Conjugate Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and comparative Binding profile with DNA and BSA
Participant's PhotoMs. Riya GhoshIIT GUWAHATIReaction of a non-heme iron-nitrosyl with dioxygen: Self-killing through NOD-like activity
Participant's PhotoShruti SharmaIndian Institute of Technology MadrasA Self-Assembled Trinuclear M3L6 cage
Participant's PhotoMs. manaswini rayIIT MadrasA prismatic nano cage used for aromatic guest encapsulation
Participant's PhotoMs. Manisha YadavPanjab UniversitySubstituted Benzoselenazoles and their Antioxidant Properties
Participant's PhotoMs. HIMANI NARJINARIIIT GUWAHATIGuerbet-type β-alkylation of secondary alcohols catalyzed by chromium chloride and its corresponding NNN pincer complex
Participant's PhotoMs. KIRUTHIGADEVI KAMARAJVELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYMethanol as Liquid Hydrogen carrier: Heterogenous Nickel catalysts for Transfer Hydrogenation of urea
Participant's PhotoMr. SOURAV GAYENIndian Institute of Technology MadrasCoordination and Hydroboration of Ru(II)-Borate Complexes: Dihydridoborate vs. Bis(dihydridoborate)
Participant's PhotoMr. Himangshu KuiryIISER KolkataChlorination over hydroxylation by FeIII-bTAML complex
Participant's PhotoMs. Puja DeIISER KOLKATAReactivity of an Elusive Fe (IV)-superoxo intermediate inside a Self-assembled nanocage in water at room temperature
Participant's PhotoDr. HUZAIFA YASIR KHANInterdisciplinary biotechnology unitFunctionalized graphene oxide loaded ionic tolfenamate complexes as rationally designed vehicle for cancer-targeted drug delivery
Participant's PhotoMr. Sivakumar GIndian Institute of ScienceTunable Emission and Site Selection of Dopant in Tululite Structure Ca7Mg3Ga5O17.63:Mn via Facile Synthesis Conditions
Participant's PhotoMs. Sukanya BagchiIndian Institute of ScienceStepwise Spin-State Switching and Effect of Light Irradiation in Manganese(III) Complexes
Participant's PhotoMr. Ashish KumarIndian Institute of Technology MadrasLowering the symmetry of binuclear self assembled coordination cages
Participant's PhotoMr. ACHINTYA LAKSHANIIT KHARAGPURCu4TiX4 (X = Se, Te): Promising materials for thermoelectric applications
Participant's PhotoMs. Sherin G RIndian Institute of ScienceDevelopment of Nanozymes with Antiplatelet Activity for Cardiovascular Diseases
Participant's PhotoPranali Balaram DhotreIndian Institute of Science, BangaloreDesign and Synthesis of Photo-CO Releasing Mn Complexes
Participant's PhotoMs. Sandhya JaiswalIndian Institute of Science BangaloreBiosynthesis of tyrosine analogues and its incorporation into proteins using genetic code expansion strategy
Participant's PhotoMr. RAJESH KUMARIIT ROORKEEFacile Synthesis, Spectral and Redox Properties meso/β-Functionalized N-Confused Porphyrins and Their Utilization in NLO, Sensing and Catalysis
Participant's PhotoMr. Naveen KumarIndian Institute of Technology RoorkeeInfluence of Coordination Geometry on the Ring Opening of Benzoxazine: Oxidovanadium(V), Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) and Dioxidotungsten(VI) Complexes of Benzoxazine Based Ligands and Their Bio Inspired Catalytic Applications
Participant's PhotoMs. Aiswarya MoharanaIISER Berhampur
Participant's PhotoMs. PARUL SainiIIT DELHIA bench-stable 8-aminoquinoline derived phosphine-free manganese (I)-catalyst for the C(α)-alkylation of oxindoles with secondary and primary alcohols
Participant's PhotoMs. Sriparna SarkarIIT MADRASRing-opening polymerization of cyclohexene oxide catalyzed by Group 13 metal initiators
Participant's PhotoNameOrganisationTitle of Talk