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Dr. Ritika GautamIndian Institute of Technology KanpurEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Anticancer and Antimicrobial Metallopharmaceutical Agents Targeting Nutritional Immunity at the Host-Guest InterfaceOralMTIC-2022-Abstract_Ritika-Gautam.docx
Dr. Debasis DasIndian Institute of ScienceEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Biochemical Investigation of a Hydrocarbon-Producing MetalloenzymeOralAbstract_Debasis-Das.docx
Prof. Jagadese J. VittalNational University of SingaporeEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Photoreactive crystals exhibiting dynamic effectsPosterAbstract.docx
Dr. SURESH PALANISWAMYMADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITYEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Selective Binding of Transition Metals with 2D Carbonaceous Materials: Recognization through Fluorescence StudiesOralMTIC-abstract-Dr-Suresh-MKU.docx
Mr. AMIRUL ISLAMIIT TIRUPATIEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Detoxification of arsenic species by smart synthetic moleculesPosterMTIC-abstract-Amirul-Islam_Revised.docx
Prof. Balaji JagirdarIndian Institute of ScienceEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Co-digestive ripening, a synthetic protocol par excellence for diverse bimetallic nanoparticles: a case study for approaches to semi-hydrogenation of alkynesOraljagirdar_MTIC_abs_template.docx
Prof. Ekambaram BalaramanIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) TirupatiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Ru-catalyzed valorization of methanol for applications in expedient hydrogenation/deuteration reactions: CO2-based circular chemistryOralEkambaram-Balaraman_MTIC-Abstract-2022.doc
Dr. Mrigendra DubeyIndian Institute of Technology IndoreEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Multifunctional Metallogels and their ApplicationsPosterMrigendra-Dubey-IIT-Indore.docx
Mr. Rudra Shankar PatiIIT TirupatiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Methylation of inorganic As by a functional model of human methyltransferase AS3MT enzymePosterMTIC-abstract-Rudra-Shankar-Pati.docx
Mr. Rijwan . .Aligarh Muslim UniversityEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Design, synthesis, and structural elucidation of Cu(II) complex; In vitro DNA binding, DNA cleavage and anticancer activityPosterMTIC-abstract-Rijwan.docx
Ms. KIRUTHIGADEVI KAMARAJVELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Methanol as Liquid Hydrogen carrier: Heterogenous Nickel catalysts for Transfer Hydrogenation of ureaPosterMTIC-Abstract_Kiruthigadevi.docx
Dr. Mohammad Fawad AnsariAligarh Muslim UniversityEmail hidden; Javascript is required.De novo design of metal-based Phenylalanine-Quercetin Conjugate Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and comparative Binding profile with DNA and BSAPosterMTIC-abstract-Mohammad-Fawad-Ansari.docx
Dr. HUZAIFA YASIR KHANInterdisciplinary biotechnology unitEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Functionalized graphene oxide loaded ionic tolfenamate complexes as rationally designed vehicle for cancer-targeted drug deliveryOralBHU-conference.docx
Dr. Charles Beromeo BheeterVELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (VIT)Email hidden; Javascript is required.Methanol as Liquid Hydrogen carrier: Heterogenous Nickel catalysts for Transfer Hydrogenation of ureaOralMTIC-Abstract_Dr.-Charles-Beromeo.docx
Mr. Yogeshwar Dnyaneshwar MoreIISER PuneEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Nanotrap Grafting in the Microenvironment of a Cation Exchangeable MOF for Efficient Uranium Extraction from SeawaterOralYogeshwar-More-Abstract-MTIC-2022.docx
Ms. Riya GhoshIIT GUWAHATIEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Reaction of a non-heme iron-nitrosyl with dioxygen: Self-killing through NOD-like activityPosterMTIC-abstract-RIYA_GHOSH.docx
Ms. manaswini rayIIT MadrasEmail hidden; Javascript is required.A prismatic nano cage used for aromatic guest encapsulationPosterMTIC-abstract4.docx
Shruti SharmaIndian Institute of Technology MadrasEmail hidden; Javascript is required.A Self-Assembled Trinuclear M3L6 cagePosterMTIC-20222.docx
Mr. Ashish KumarIndian Institute of Technology MadrasEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Lowering the symmetry of binuclear self assembled coordination cagesPosterAbstract-MTIC-19-2022-2608.docx
Dr. Santosh Kumar DubeyKurukshetra UniversityEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Serum protein binding and apoptosis studies of some novel Ruthenium complexesPosterMTIC-2022-Abstract1.docx
Ms. Manisha YadavPanjab UniversityEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Substituted Benzoselenazoles and their Antioxidant PropertiesPosterAbstract-manisha-yadav2.doc
Dr. Vijay Pal SinghPanjab UniversityEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Isolation of Intermediates during the 77Se NMR Mechanistic Study of Azo-Bis-Ebselen and their Antioxidant PropertiesOralAbstract-Vijay-Pal-Singh.doc
Ms. HIMANI NARJINARIIIT GUWAHATIEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Guerbet-type β-alkylation of secondary alcohols catalyzed by chromium chloride and its corresponding NNN pincer complexPosterHN_MTIC-2022.docx
Mr. SOURAV GAYENIndian Institute of Technology MadrasEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Coordination and Hydroboration of Ru(II)-Borate Complexes: Dihydridoborate vs. Bis(dihydridoborate)PosterMTIC-abstract-Sourav-Gayen.docx
Mr. Himangshu KuiryIISER KolkataEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Chlorination over hydroxylation by FeIII-bTAML complexPosterMTIC2022-abstract_Himangshu.docx
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